Vegan Repellant Bacon Scented 8oz Candle

Did you know that as Americans we consume about 18 pounds of bacon per year? What is it about Bacon that makes our brains go coo coo?  

It's gotta be the smell of bacon that gets us! Comedian Jim Gaffigan said "frying bacon sounds like applause!" We couldn't agree more. 

For those of you that have that one, two, or even three annoying friends that love to remind you how important it is to eat a plant based meal, we've got something to shut them up! Introducing Vegan Repellant! The bacon scented candle that captures our hearts and makes our nose hairs dance for joy. You can tell them that the candle wax is made of pure soy and that its the only plant based diet you're interested in! 

Fun fact, if you want to get your kids out of bed much faster, simply light this swine scented delight and watch them head over to the kitchen. Jokes on them though - now tell them to get dressed and be ready for school.  You're welcome! 

DISCLAIMER: No meat eaters were harmed or tested on. We invited vegans over for parsnips and dill spread and lit our piggy scented candles 10 minutes after they arrived. Muhahahahah -  funny right? 


  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Bacon Essential Oil (the only oil that matters)