Someone Farted, Personalized Name and Scent 8oz Candle

Add your personalization


Is there a family member, friend or even roommate that loves to share their "personal" recipe with you every chance they get? Do they think their wind instrument belongs in a top 40 playlist?

If you've had your fill of their putrid air biscuits and are ready to take a stand, say it with the latest FancyUrBody Personalized candle. 

Not only can you personalize the culprits name but you can also choose the scent to battle even the vilest of smells emanating from the depths of their home cooking.

This is the perfect gift for any Holiday or fun occasion. We all know that flatulant someone in our lives! It's time to tax that ass that passes gas!


  • 100% Vanilla Soy Wax
  • Fruit Oil
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