Punk Trump Scent: "I'm Peach" Scented 8oz Candle

Okay - so you’ll never believe this but you totally have to because I have NO reason to make this shit up. I’m dying my hair in the usual pink flair and my cat 🐈 hopped on my lap - dumb ass got a little hair dye on it but thats a whole other story. The fun part of this is that my cat has orange 🟠 fur and so it got me thinking - what does this remind me of?

I checked my phone and Facebook was streaming with posts about our President. It hit me like a ton of BRICKS!!! 🧱 Trump got Punked 🇺🇸!

Up till 3am making my greatest candle to date, from my wackadoo head 🤯I give you:


The latest addition to my funky fun Candle Topper Candles featuring funky hair.

The scent is pretty self explanatory lol! It’s coming directly from the top “I’m Peach” 🍑 Get it? 😉😉

Pre-ORDER Today - they will be ready for pick up on Monday!

Love him or hate him who wouldn’t want this candle?? Tag someone you know that needs this NOW!!!


DISCLAIMER: Still waiting for Trump to get back to me about his new hair color :) 


  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Peach Essential Oil