Punk Trump "Make America Smell Great Again" Scent: "I Don't Care If I'm Peached" Scented 8oz Candle

Okay - so you’ll never believe this but you totally have to because I have NO reason to make this shit up. I’m dying my hair in the usual pink flair and my cat 🐈 hopped on my lap - dumb ass got a little hair dye on it but thats a whole other story. The fun part of this is that my cat has orange 🟠 fur and so it got me thinking - what does this remind me of?

I checked my phone and Facebook was streaming with posts about our President. It hit me like a ton of BRICKS!!! 🧱 Our President Trump got Punked 🇺🇸! So lame I know!!!

Up till 3am making my greatest candle to date, from my wackadoo head 🤯I give you:


The latest addition to my funky fun Candle Topper Candles featuring funky hair.

The scent is pretty self explanatory lol! It’s coming directly from the top “I Don't Care If I'm Peached” 🍑 Get it? 😉😉

Love him or hate him who wouldn’t want this candle?? XOXO Amy!

DISCLAIMER: Still waiting for Trump to get back to me about his new hair color :) 


  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Peach Essential Oil