Scented Candle For The Prick Who Has Everything

Scented Candle For The Prick Who Has Everything

Do you know someone that’s just IMPOSSIBLE to shop for 🤯? No matter what, he literally has everything 🤑⁉️ A gift card 💳 just won’t do! Then the prick 🌵 will know how much you spent on him!

I was looking around for that perfect gift and I said to myself? WHOAH why don’t I just create the perfect gift and name it as such: “For The Prick Who Has Everything”

Introducing: A new candle topper Candle by FancyUrBody - this candle is perfect and smells like desert pears 🍐

For that special prick 🌵 in your life, this is the perfect gift!


DISCLAIMER: No pricks were harmed but definitely tested on. I tried to give him a fruit cake but that son-of-a-(censored) said he already had it!! I gave him this candle and it knocked his socks off - True Story!  I now have a pair of men's socks: size large, for sale lol XOXO! 


  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Desert Pear Essential Oil