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Build-A-Scrub Body Scrub

Build-A-Scrub Body Scrub. Are you ready to embrace smoother, glowing skin? Then a sugar scrub is perfect even if you have dry skin. And with the latest Build-A-Scrub idea from Fancy UR Body, you know that there is a fantastic twist.

In this case, you can mix and match any of the 12 scents that we currently offer.

  • Base scent. Choose your base scent. This is the vehicle that carries each additional – up to two – scent that you will add to the sugar scrub. We recommend vanilla, but lemon is pretty yummy, too.
  • First scent. Add another scent to the mix. What mood are you in? Do you want something calming for that evening shower? Lavender could be perfect. On the other hand, maybe you want a smell that reminds you of days gone by, in which case rose could be ideal.
  • Second scent. Still not enough? Let’s add another scent to the mix. Build-A-Scrub is a unique creation that lets you do you. Peppermint is a snappy scent that builds you up and energizes you. But butter rum could be an enjoyable evening-out scent. What to choose, what to choose?

Of course, we offer you some ideas. However, it is so much more fun to mix and match your own scents and find the one that is simply irresistible. Just remember: It smells yummy, but the Build-A-Scrub is for external use only!

If you're looking for more inspiration we've come up with a few fun combinations for you:

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