About Us


You’re tired of looking tired. You want to go back in time and look as refreshed as you felt in your 20s. Maybe there’s a skin feature that’s nagging on you. It’s gotten so bad that you’ve considered going under the knife. But who has time for that? With FancyUrFace, you don’t have to do anything so drastic.

Introducing Amy Donner Ponce

She isn’t just another pretty face. Rather, she’s a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, and advanced cosmetology educator. In Los Angeles, she spent a couple of decades making the Hollywood elite look beautiful. She’s worked with brides to make them look stunning for the walk down the aisle. And she’s worked with kids who wanted to take their zombie makeup to a whole new level.

Get the Five-Star Treatment for Yourself

As an esthetician, she understands the art and science of facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments and waxing. She easily customizes care approaches for your skin type.

In fact, her approach is all about customization.

  • Skincare overhauls. Are you still following the same makeup application style that you began in high school? Is it time to shake things up? She can help you find the look that’s uniquely you. Quit wasting your time on magazine tutorials when you can have an expert customize the approach for your face.
  • How-tos. Amy does makeup tutorials. Learn how to do what she does on your face. Repeat it yourself every morning. Look as good as if you stepped out of her studio just an hour ago.
  • Beauty products. Does Amy have a line of skincare products? You bet! In the past, her oils, moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, scrubs and serums for all skin types only sold through word-of-mouth advertising. You had to know somebody who knew someone close to her. Now, you can benefit from the skincare line of products yourself.

Amy makes it happen. Isn’t it time to entrust your good looks to a bona fide expert in the field?

“Smile, laugh and surround yourself with happy, positive people

… I’ll take care of the rest! I GOTCHU” — Amy